Thursday, 29 November 2007



Rain is loud, rain is fun

But when it is sunny there is none.

When it rains it sometimes hails

But when it falls it sounds like nails.

When rain is bad it turns into lightning

And when it starts it's very frightening.

Rain fills dams, oceans and creeks,

When it gets on the roof it leaks.

Rain makes puddles and turns dirt into mud

And from the flowers out sprouts a bud.

When the rain comes at night

I get under my covers and pull them up tight.


1 comment:

Dollie Evans said...

I just discovered your blog. I am very impressed by the variety of activities your class completes. I really like this poem by Kayla. I can't wait to share it with my class (I teach 5th grade in Georgia and we are trying our hand at writing poetry). Keep up the hard work.